Munnar roads closed due to heavy rain

Heavy rain and landslides leaves major roads to Munnar closed.

Heavy rain across Kerala since Sunday afternoon has caused landslides in 2 major roads leading to Munnar. The state government has closed traffic on these roads and requested people to refrain from traveling to Munnar and the high ranges near the area.

The heavy rain continued on Monday and this hampered the rescue and relief efforts by various government agencies. There were landslides reported on multiple locations on the Kochi Munnar route. The Neriamangalam Adimali stretch of the Kochi Munnar road was the most affected and many vehicles were stranded in the Neriamangalam forest due to landslides and there are multiple deaths reported from the area near to the famous cheeyappara waterfalls.

Landslips caused the Udumalaipettai Munnar road to be closed on Sunday and the continuing rain delayed the mitigation efforts. Local authorities are working to clear theĀ  debris from the road and open it for vehicles.

The non stop showers of this monsoon has caused so much of damage to the roads in Munnar and the the magnitude of the damage is such that it is going to take months for the restoration works to complete.

Heavy rain damaged roads in Munnar

Heavy rain damaged roads in Munnar

As the tourist season around the corner the local authorities has a huge task of restoring the infrastructure to welcome the tourists to Munnar.

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