Ernakulam to Munnar by bus

If you are planning for a tour to Munnar, most probably you might have already figured out that Munnar doesn’t have a Airport or Railway station. So the only means of public transportation to Munnar is bus services operated by the state governments as well as private operators. Since the recent years has seen a steady flow of tourists to Munnar from the southern cities, there are bus services connecting the southern cities to Munnar now. In fact, there are daily direct bus services from Bangalore to Munnar.

If your plan is to go to Ernakulam and from there go to Munnar, you could either book a taxi from Ernakulam to Munnar or if you are the kind of person who enjoy going off the beaten paths, you could catch a local bus to Munnar.

First, I will try to list the advantages and disadvantages traveling by bus from Ernakulam to Munnar.

OK, good stuff first. The advantages.

  • Cost. The cost per person for the Ernakulam/Kochi to Munnar bus ticket can be as low as INR 95, or maximum INR 130. (Taxi cabs will charge you upwards of INR 1800)
  • Travel like a local. Buses are the main mode of transportation in Kerala hence if you like to travel like the locals, bus is the way to go.
  • Your environmental impact is minimized. (less CO2 footprint per person for bus)
  • Buses will enter each and every town bus stations en route thus you get to see more places and local people.

Now the disadvantages.

  • You can’t pre-book seats on the local buses. Often the buses are crowded and you get a seat only if you reach much earlier than the departure time.
  • The local bus schedules are not available online. You will have to reach the bus station and enquire about the buses to Munnar.
  • You get to see the scenery on the way to Munnar, but you cannot ask them to stop at something you find interesting, nor do they stop anywhere for sight-seeing.
  • Usually the taxi cabs drop you at your hotel at Munnar within 3 hours, but the bus will take 5 hours or even more than that.

So where is the bus station in Ernakulam?

First I will talk about the KSRTC bus station, which is the state run transport corporation. The KSRTC bus station in Ernakulam is near to the South Railway Station.

If you are coming to Ernakulam from any other place by state run buses of Kerala, Tamil Nadu or Karnataka chances are that they will drop you at the KSRTC bus station. If you are coming to Ernakulam by train and your train has stop at ‘Ernakulam South Railway Station’ (Ernakulam Junction, as the railways call it) then the KSRTC station is within a kilometer. Prepaid auto rickshaws available in the south railway station. From anywhere in Ernakulam you could catch a ‘autorikshaw’ and ask him to take you to KSRTC station.

How is the frequency of buses from Ernaklulam KSRTC station to Munnar?

From the KSRTC bus station the frequency of buses to Munnar is low. Once you reach the KSRTC station you can approach the inquiry counter there and check with the officer about the next schedule to Munnar. Usually there are buses every 1 hour in the morning. When I was writing this article, the bus timings from Ernakulam KSRTC station to Munnar was as given below.

5:10 AM, 6 AM, 6:15 AM, 7:30 AM, 8:15 AM,  9:45 AM, 12 Noon, 12:45 PM, 1:45 PM, 3 PM, 4:50 PM, 5:45 PM

Note: Don’t take this as a confirmed timing from KSRTC. Always check with KSRTC inquiry or contact the inquiry office at the bus station.

KSRTC Ernakulam inquiry/contact numbers 0484 2372033 and 0484 2360531

What if there are no buses to Munnar in another 2 hours or so?

Ok, in that case you could ask for buses towards a place by name “Adimali”. Any bus to Munnar will be going via this place and if there is no bus to Munnar you could ask about the next bus to “Adimali”. From Adimali to Munnar is 30 kilometers and from Adimali there are buses to Munnar every 30 minutes.

Well, there is no bus to Adimali either. Now what?

If there are no buses to Munnar or Adimali in the next 2 hours, you could try for private buses. There are lots of private buses operating in the Ernakulam Munnar route and the ticket rate is also same as KSRTC. (The private bus charges are also regulated by the state government). However, you will have to go to “Vyttila Mobility Hub” which is the bus station for the private buses. The Vyttila mobility hub is approximately 5 kilometers from the KSRTC bus station. You could catch an autorikshaw to go to the mobility hub.

The same rule applies there as well. If there is no bus to Munnar right now, you could ask for buses to Adimali. From “Adimali” there are buses to Munnar every 30 minutes..

Ok, anything more?

Near to Ernakulam there is a place by name Aluva and there are lots of buses plying between Aluva and Munnar. In fact, whether you catch a bus from Ernakulam or Aluva, the major portion of your journey will be in the Aluva Munnar Road (AM Road). If you are coming by train from Bangalore or Chennai, you could get down at Aluva (AWY) and catch a bus to Munnar. There are two bus stations in Aluva. One is the state run KSRTC bus station which is just 100 meters from the Railway station and the next one is the Aluva municipal bus station where you will see the private buses to Munnar. From the KSRTC bus station the frequency of Munnar buses will be very low. But from the private bus station there will be Munnar bound buses every 30 minutes or so in the morning.

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  1. Ravi Shankar says:

    very good article & much informative. Thanks.

  2. M.Naresh says:

    I got much information about road way to munar,thanks a lot.I am planning to visit munnar in this month with my wife.

    • sampath says:

      hope u have gone kerala….im visiting next month with my wife(honey moon) can u suggest me the best place for honeymoon.

  3. Jalal says:

    Thanks, very helpful

  4. HARI KRISHNA says:


  5. AJ says:

    The best one on route info to munnar…!!

  6. john says:

    Thanks ma its very helpful for me my only doubt is my train reaches early morn 5.15 in alluva station is it safe to catch a bus on that time

    • Hi John, No need to worry. The place is crowded even before 4AM itself. Also, if you want you can just wait outside the railway station. All the buses to Munnar will come in front of railway station. You can see lot of people waiting for bus right in front of the railway station. In the morning time there are lot of buses to Munnar.



    Than q very much. Quite informative. But, how about buses from Munnar to Aluva in the morning. I have to catch Kerala Express at 1.30 pm from Aluva to Tirupati. Kindly help.

    • Hi Raghunath,
      From Munnar there are lot of buses to Aluva in the morning. Or you can catch a bus to Adimali and from there catch another bus to Aluva. If your train is at 1:30PM, probably you should start at least by 9AM in the morning. If you are staying near Munnar town you could go to the bus stop in the town. (100 meters from the IndianOil petrol bunk).


    Thank you so much for the immediate response.

  9. Narendra says:

    Can someone help me staying in Ernakulam or Aluva in case there is no Bus available to Munnar. Also, would like to know whether Aluva or Ernakulam will be best place to catch the bus.

  10. Timir Shah says:


    Thanks for a very well detailed info! My question is are there A/C buses with good volvo seats. Don’t mind shelling few extras for those.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Roy says:

      Hi Timir, Unfortunately there are no Volvo or other A/C bus services Munnar. All the services to Munnar are non-AC local buses.

  11. Sameer Indorewala says:

    My train will reach Munnar at 6 in the evening, and i have to go to Club Mahindra resort, how would i be getting there.

    • roy says:

      hi Sameer, There is no railway station in Munnar. I guess you are coming to the nearest railways station ALUVA and from there going to Munnar.
      ALUVA to Munnar is 3 to 4 hours journey by car.
      From Munnar town Club Mahindra is another 30 minutes drive.

  12. gita says:

    thats a real good information. can u also post some information about how to visit places in munnar? by budget??

  13. Shivendra says:

    Fantastic information.Thanks a ton ! il be visiting Munnar for the first time.i am from Delhi. This info is quite useful and relieves me of tension.Only one thing if you can suggest.Which budget hotels will be in Munnar town? i came across hotels/resorts that are away from Munnar like 7 km or 3 km…i am really confused.Can you help? i will be grateful

    • roy says:

      Hi Shivendra, Because now its school vacation there is a huge rush of tourists to Munnar now. All the hotels and resorts in Munnar town will be charging high rates per night especially on the weekends . Budget hotels and “home stay’s” will be mostly outside of the town.

  14. Shivendra says:

    Ok thats a great info. I will be reaching there in May that time too there will be rush? n if i book hotel/resort outside munnar, will i get local transport(local bus/auto) to come to the city?

    • roy says:

      Most probably this rush will continue till end of May. To enter the National Park and to do boating at Mattupetty you may have to wait in long queues. When you book the hotel ask them if it is near to the main road. If it is near to the main road you can easily catch a auto or local bus to Munnar town. Also remember that most of the sight seeing spots (like National Park and Mattupetty) are close to 10km from Munnar town and in different directions. So you will have to book a auto or taxi for sight seeing. Most of the hotels will arrange this for you if you ask them.

  15. aditi says:

    I want to go to munaar club mahindra. Resort, N how can I get taxi from kochi airport to munaar. N can u tell me that what charges they ll take approx.

    • roy says:

      At Kochi airport there is a Prepaid Taxi counter. You can book taxi from there. They will ask only the standard rates. For a Indica I think it will be around Rs-3000 or slightly less than that.

  16. shivendra says:

    Thanks a ton for this valuable information. You really cleared most of my doubts.Thanks a ton. Stay blessed :)

  17. VijayReddy says:

    I have to catch my train by 7:15am at Ernakulam to reach Chennai.How can I catch it?I mean at what time I have to start from Munnar?Is there any bus facility at night timings?Could you please help me regarding this?

    • roy says:

      If you are going by a taxi you would need to start by 3:30AM in the morning. (Your taxi driver will tell you when you would need to start). There may not be buses from Munnar to Kochi very early in the morning.

  18. Anil Shinde says:

    Hi We are 10 people (family) going to munnar from kochi airport. Is there A/c tempo traveller available outside airport or any volvo buses. Is there any direct bus to ayur county resort and what will be the cost of the same.

  19. baba says:

    Hi u r information is very good I just wanted to about bus frequency in the afternoon from ernakulam to munnar. We will be reaching ernakulam by 2.00pm

  20. shail says:

    Hi Roy!..ur info was quite relieving as i simply dint kno how to give a gud shape to my kerala travel i exactly know how to execute my plan.ur post has saved me a lot of money as earlier i was thinking to buk an evening flight from chennai to kochi.but dat wud have been useless as i came to kno through ur posts dat there r hardly any buses operating in d night to munnar.nw v r planning our travel frm chennai via train and get down at aluva.just one more info if dat dsnt trouble u much, how far is d private bus stand in aluva from d railway station.urs was d best post i hv come across while surfing through kerala info sites..awesome post!!

    • Roy says:

      Hi Shail,
      Glad that this page was of help to you.
      Private bus stand is just 1km from the Aluva railway station. It will take Just 5 minutes for an autorikshaw. The KSRTC bus station is just walkable distance (150 meters) from the railway station. Please note that now rains started in kerala. Sometimes there will be road blocks due to land fall in the Aluva-Munnar road. Check the new before your travel.

  21. aashish says:

    what is the best way to reach Munnar form kochin airport?

  22. rakesh says:

    Very good.

  23. RInky says:

    Very helpful article. Thanks a lot!

  24. Amol says:

    Very good article .. and thnks a lot

  25. Rinky says:

    Hi, do u have any idea How to reach Yellapatty bungalow. It is a TCS holiday home free for tcsers. P.S I am looking for any bus service n don’t feel like spending on private cab to reach there from coorg town or from kochi. Thanks

  26. Rinky says:

    Sorry I meant from munnar town n not coorg. Any idea for transport to Yellapatty bungalow would b helpful.

    • Roy says:

      Hi Rinky, You can get bus from Kochi to Munnar. And from Munnar there are buses going to ‘Top Station”. Yellapatti is on the way to top station. However the bus frequency from Munnar to top station is very low.

  27. eswar says:

    Hi roy thank you very much for you information about munnar my question is what is the best time to come to munnar and which month most tourists is better to book hotel in advance or on arrival

    • Roy says:

      Hi Eswar, Traditionally the tourist season in Munnar is from September to May. December to January is the busiest months in Munnar. December and January is the coldest months in Munnar and the temperatures would drop to single digit. Usually in December to May hotels rates will be high. Its better you book hotel in advance.

  28. Shubhadeep says:

    I am travelling to Kerala on October 2014. Wanted to enquire if there are bus originating from Aluva to Munnar or they come from other destinations and just stop at aluva. If there are originating buses then I would like to enquire about bus timings of these originating buses from aluva to Munnar

    Also wanted to enquire if airport bus service goes through ksrtc bus depot of aluva

    • Roy says:

      Hi Suhadeep,

      Most of the buses from Aluva to Munnar are originating at Aluva.
      From airport there are buses to Aluva and Ernakulam. I am not sure these buses will enter the Aluva KSRTC station. Most probably they will. You could inquire while boarding the bus. If they are not entering Aluva KSRTC station, chances are that they will be dropping you near the Aluva private bus station. From the private bus station also there are Munnar buses.

  29. Keshav says:

    Hi Roy.. Firstly, thank you very much for writing such a nice article. The information given by you is very helpful. Still I have one question. Which telecom service provider has good service in the hilly area like munaar. And I will also like to know the best telecom service provider in top tourist destinations such as alleppey, kumarokam, kochin etc. Thank you very much. I am sure you will reply to this quote. Happy Mansoon..

    • Roy says:

      Hi Keshav, Airtel and Idea have good coverage in Munnar town. But when you go away from the town they don’t have coverage. BSNL has more coverage area wise even if you go for site seeing etc. (I heard people often complain about BSNL because of the signal quality and frequent disconnection). Airtel, Idea, Docomo, Vodafone and BSNL all have very good coverage in Alleppy, Kumarakam and Kochi. But I think Idea is preferred most people in Kerala.

  30. Anita says:

    I’d like to ask about buses from Munnar to Ernakulam – more or less what time is the last one? If it’s possible to visit that place in one day (without sleepover)?

  31. ruchi says:

    hi roy your article was really really helpful we r planning to go in october 2014. our train will be arriving at ernakulam late in the evening. so just want to inquire if there are private buses after 5:45 pm in the evening. pls rply.

  32. Anita says:

    Hello, it’s me again. I still cannot find any information about the last bus from Munnar to Ernakulam (inc. private buses). I would really like to know if it’s possible to go back to Ernakulum on the same day that I’ll have my trekking tour booked. I read tours finish around 6pm. Please advice me!!

    • Roy says:

      Hi Anita, The last private bus to Kochi usually leaves Munnar by 6:30 PM. After that there is a KSRTC bus to Kochi at 7PM and another KSRTC to Aluva at 9PM. If you are planning to spend only one day in Munnar and if it is Saturday or Sunday you cannot go to National Park and Mattupetty boating because for that you will have to wait in the queue.. Trekking usually winds-up by 5PM nowadays due to rain and visibility issues…

  33. Shabbir Saify says:

    Hello Roy, this is shabbir from chhattisgarh, I want to know that if we reach to eranakulam at night than can we travel to munnar in over night ??


    Hello Roy,

    Can you suggest me for a cheaper tour trip by cab from ernakulam to munnar.? How time will be spent in munnar visit?

  35. Kirit says:

    Hi , what would be the temperature at Munnar in September 3rd and 4th week , by September end , would it be raining or not ?

    • Roy says:

      Hi Kirit, Usually in September Munnar will have a pleasant climate. It may not be raining. However this year we don’t know what is going to happen because the monsoon started late here. It may rain in Septemebr also.. we can’t say for sure…

  36. jayanth87 says:

    Hi, I want to travel from Alleppey to Munnar during Sep mid. Is there is any taxi service available between Alleppey to Sterling resorts in Munnar and how much they will charge for TATA Indiga non A/c for same. if you have any taxi services contact details or website address. it would really help a lot. if you have any other suggestion to travel from Alleppey to Munnar also it will be helpful for me. Thank you Roy!

    • Roy says:

      Alleppy to Munnar it is better to book a taxi and go because there are no direct buses. Usually for a non-AC indica the rates are near to Rs 3000 approximate. If you have plans to hire a taxi for siteseeing in Munnar it is better to hire a taxi from Alleppy on a per day basis. Rate per day for Indica will be around 1700 for 150km a day.

  37. Pradeep says:

    excellent information provided Mr.roy
    we will be in Kovalam on 11th Sep. After that we will have 2 days i.e 12th sep. afternoon to 14th evening can we cover Allepy & Munnar both. On 14th evening we have to leave for Mysore most probably by KSRTC bus.
    pl suggest best time utilisation

    • Roy says:

      That will be a tight schedule.. 12th afternoon if you start to Alleppy you will reach Alleppy by evening only. Night you have to stay in hotel and then 13th morning you can go for backwater trip. But you cannot spend the night in the House boat. Afternoon you have to go to Munnar and night stay in Munnar hotel. 14th morning you can go for site seeing in Munnar till afternoon. Munnar to Mysore KSRTC starts by 3PM I guess.

  38. vikram says:

    hello sir, i found ur blog nd felt very thankful for all the info u provided…need some guidance from you..i heard that in munnar der vl b jeep service that will take on trip from morining to 5:30pm for rs.1500/ it true??and i want to visit munnar this satrday,strtng frm aluva.. ,after munnar ,i want to go for another noted tourist spot .but i couldnt find any…by mnday(08.09.2014) eve i shud b in trivandrum. can u plz guide me

    • Roy says:

      Yes, there are Jeep services available on a daily rent basis. They will charge based on the rush of tourists.. weekends they may charge more. Usually the rates will be between 1500 to 2000.

      After Munnar you can try Thekkady which is 80km from Munnar.

      • vikram says:

        Thank u much..plz attend few more queries,am planning to start from aluva in the evening(around 6pm) ,i guess i can reach munnar by night(around 11,12) ,..u said in nights frequency of buses are less?? means ,no buses r available ??or wat??if bus is available, is it safe to travel nd get down at tat time in munnar?? does autos available to go to pre booked hotel(in munnar town (by google help)??

  39. PDP says:

    Hi Roy, Article is really very useful. Also appreciate your quick responses to others questions. My plan goes like this – I will be coming by train from Bangalore and planning to get down at Aluva(as you suggested) at 7 AM, head for Athirappilly waterfall (by bus), leave Athirappilly by 5 PM and head directly for Munnar. Can you please advise on below:
    1. Whether there will be bus from Aluva to Athirappilly in morning hours (8 AM or so)
    2. Whether there are direct buses from Athirappilly to Munnar in the evening (around 5 PM).
    If above plan doesn’t look feasible, please advise me a plan wherein I can cover Athirappilly and reach Munnar on same day if possible. I am not looking for cab as I think it will be expensive for above trip (at least 3000 – 4000 for above). Please advise.

    • Roy says:

      From Aluva to Athirappalli direct bus frequency will be less. You can catch a bus from Aluva to Chalakkudi. From Chalakkudi there are buses to Athirappalli every hour.
      For return trip also you will have to come to Chalakkudi, and from there to Aluva and then catch a bus to Munnar… There are no direct bus from Athirappalli to Munnar. To catch a Munnar bus its better to reach Aluva at least by 5PM

  40. vipul says:

    sir, i will reach earnakulum 5:45 sir can you suggest where to go

  41. Pratap says:

    Hi Roy, Its PDP again. Thanks for your quick response. My plan has changed now. Now I am travelling from Bangalore to Ernakulam by train (my train has a stoppage at Aluva) and from there I am planning to catch KSRTC bus to Munnar. Can you please suggest whether should I get down at Aluva (8AM) and catch bus to Munnar from Aluva OR should I get down as Ernakulam town(8.40AM) and catch a bus to Munnar from there. In case if I get down at Aluva, will I get seats in the buses to Munnar? I think if buses originates from Aluva, I can seats else not. Your quick response is really appreciated as I am travelling next week. Please advise.

    • Roy says:

      Hi PDP, KSRTC bus frequency from Aluva is less. There is one KSRTC bus at 8AM and the next one is at 9AM and next is after 10AM. I am not sure if they are originating from Aluva. You will mostly get seats only if the buses are originating from Aluva.

      If there are no buses from KSRTC station at the time, you can try going to the private bus stand in Aluva. Its about 50 rupees autorikshaw charge from KSRTC to private bus station. (It may be slightly more also. I haven’t checked recently). From the private bus station most of the Munnar buses are originating from there only. So you will get seat for sure. If there are no direct bus to Munnar, you can catch a ‘Adimaly’ bus. From Adimaly bus station there are Munnar bus ever 30 minutes. (Adimaly is a small town on the way to Munnar. From Adimaly it will take 1 hour to Munnar).

      If you get down at Ernakulam Town, the KSRTC frequency to Munnar is again same.. every 1 hour or so. These Munnar buses are originating from that station itself. so you will get seat. Also, in the morning time all the buses will be crowded. KSRTC and private.

      • Arun-chennai says:

        sir, you haven’t said about Vytilla mobility hub, i have seen their web page for on line reservation, there are three private buses to reach munnar, pls make correction i am wrong.

  42. hi roy, its jayesh from jaipur,i wanted to know that i would be going to kozhikode from munnar. can u suggest some route. i need to reach kozhikode by 1pm. there is train from aluva at 9:40. so to catch this train at what time should i leave and would there be any buses at that time.

    • Roy says:

      Hi Jayesh,
      To catch a train at Aluva by 9:40 you should start from Munnar at least by 5:30 from Munnar. There are buses from Munnar starting from 5AM. If there are no direct bus to Aluva, catch the first bus to Adimali and from there you will get direct bus to Aluva.

  43. laxmi says:

    thank you for information which is more helpful to us.

  44. azadkalakoti says:

    It is really very Helpful. Thank you so much dear.

  45. Shri says:

    Hi Roy,

    Its great help you are providing to many toursits.Hats off to you.

    We are group of 11. We will be travelling to Munnar & Thekkadi during diwali vacation. We will be reaching from Mumbai in the night to airport & stayin Ernakullam. Next day we will start in the morning. What will be best way to travel to Munnar. What will be cost of travel. For local sight seeing what will be best mode. We will be returing from Thekkadi to Kochi airport. What will be best mode to travel?

    • Roy says:

      I would suggest you book a tempo traveler for your Ernakulam-Munnar-Thekkadi-Ernakulam round trip. The same tempo traveler you can use for the local sight seeing in Munnar and Thekkadi. Usually the tempo travelers charge on a per day basis. It will be about Rs 3500/- approximately for a non-AC 12 seater vehicle per day and added to that you need to ask if they charge driver charge separately. This charge is for 100km I think. Beyond that they will charge on a per km basis.

      It will not be convenient to cover this route in local bus. There are no direct bus between Munnar-Thekkadi. Added to that for local sight seeing you have to hire multiple vehicles (11 people) in Munnar and Thekkadi. To avoid all these you could hire a tempo traveler.



      or if you have time you can take the below route which is scenic.


  46. Ganesh says:

    Hi roy,
    Thanks for this informative article and attending queries personally.
    My flight lands at cochin at 1.15 pm. From there i suppose after having a dinner and catching a bus i could reach aluva by 4 o clock. So are there enough buses running to munnar after 4 pm ?
    And i might reach munnar at 9-9.30 pm. From main town my pre booked hotel is 12 km, it is at chithirapurram. What will be the safer way to reach my hotel at night ?
    And from chithirapuram are there enough options for day tours of munnar ?

    • Roy says:

      Hi Ganesh,
      Yes, there are buses from Aluva to Munnar after 4PM. (There is one bus @4:35PM from Aluva KSRTC station which is just 100 meters from the railway station).

      Or else you can go to Aluva private bus station. There are private buses between Aluva – Munnar. Bus charge is same for private as well as KSRTC.

      If there are no direct bus to Munnar, try to catch a bus to Adimaly.

      Chithirapuram is 12KM before Munnar when coming from Aluva. Just check with the bus if they are going via Anachal-Chithirapuram route. 80% of the buses take this route. If the bus is taking this route probably you can get down right in front of your hotel. Check with your hotel if they are located in the main road itself. Or else it is better to get down at Anachal and catch and auto.

  47. Ganesh says:

    Hi roy,
    Thanks for info that helped.
    One clarification is missing in your article. It would be better to add it in the article for everyone.
    When you talk about buses in vytila or aluva or govt buses what type of buses are those ? I mean when you book your ticket do you get confirmed seats or you are supposed to go standing if no seats ?
    Since its a good 5 hours drive, i am expecting the system where you get a ticket only if there are confirmed seats. And since most of the people travelling to munnar wud be tourists with bags, i dont see a standing option convenient.

    And buses at aluva, i suppose they come from ernakulam/vytilla and i suppose most of them wud be full. Or does aluva have new buses originating there ?

    • Roy says:

      Thanks Ganesh for the suggestion. Sure, I will add those information to the article.

      All these buses originating from Ernakulam and Aluva are local buses (private as well as KSRTC). If you are a well build person you will not be comfortable sitting in the seat as well. The seats are placed too close to pack maximum number of people, so you will end up in a cramped space for a 5 hour journey.

      80% of the buses from Aluva are originating from Aluva only. Buses originating from Ernakulam will be taking a slightly different route, so they mostly will not come to Aluva. If you go to the private bus stand, you are sure to get seats on the bus.

      You can’t book seats on theses local buses. Only on the KSRTC buses which are Super Express you can book seats I guess. I don’t think there are Super Express buses from Ernakulam or Aluva to Munnar.

  48. salim says:

    sir can you plz tell me how to reach chitapuram-rivulet resort from ernakulam railway station.

    • Roy says:

      Hi Salim, Rivulet resort is not near the main road. Chitirapuram is not a town, its a very small village. So if you plan to come by bus you have to get down at a place by name “Anachal” (pronounced ‘aanachchaal’) and catch an auto from there. Rivulet resort is probably 7km from Anachal.

      If you plan to come by bus you can go to Ernakulam KSRTC bus station which is near to Ernakulam ‘South Railway Station’. From there you can get Munnar buses. Ask the conductor if the bus is going via Anachal. If they are not going via Anachal, you have to get down at ‘Adimaly’ and catch another bus to Anachal.

      • salimdafedar says:

        Thank you sir.
        one more query sir, At what time in the morning bus services starts.As i reach ernakulam junction at morning 2am.

  49. Somnath says:

    Hi, I am planning to travel to Kerala. I was wondering is there any comfortable bus service:
    1. from Mavelikera to Tekadi.
    2. From Tekadi to Munnar ( after 4PM)
    3. From Munnar to Kochi…(at around 7AM)
    I would prefer Volvo or non-volvo bus in good conditions.
    Thanks in advance for replying…

  50. Sidez says:

    Hi Roy,
    I am arranging a trip for my parent , where they will have to travel from Kochi to Munnar, could you suggest some good luxurious options , given that I would not like to book a cab.. are there any shared cabs or Volvo buses, private bus, ac buses..?? Plz provide me cost and there rates

    • Roy says:

      Hi, The buses to Munnar are not very comfortable, especially for elders. There are no volvo service to Munnar. I would suggest you book a tavera or innova for your parents. AC tavera/innova is mostly 1600 to 2000 per day.

  51. rajat sharma says:

    more than i want… thnks for this info. !!

  52. yesu ankewar says:

    Thx for this information about the bus and phone number

  53. Rakesh says:

    Hi Roy,
    I will be reaching Ernakulam Junction on 22 nd Nov 2014 at around 1.30 PM afternoon. We are total 6 people including me. Could you please help me out from where can i get a private bus to Munnar from there and how much it cost , I dont mind paying little more perks if private bus facility is good. Also please let me know the fare via tavera from Ernakulam junction to Mahindra Club Munnar if I change my mind travelling via tavera :)

    • Roy says:

      Hi Rakesh, Ernakulam KSRTC bus station is near to the railway station. For private buses you need to go to the “Vyttila bus terminal”.

      If there is no direct bus to Munnar, you can check if there is bus to ‘Adimali’. From Adimali there are Munnar buses ever 30 minutes or so.

      If you are expecting a very comfortable journey to Munnar, then I would not suggest local buses. Unfortunately there are no Volvo buses to Munnar.

      Also, Club Mahindra is almost 20km away from Munnar town. So you will have to catch a auto/taxi from Munnar to reach Club Mahindra. Again. for sight seeing in Munnar you have to catch another vehicle.

      I would suggest you take a tavera/innova from ernakulam. For AC tavera the rate is usually 1600 to 2000 per day (maximum 100 km per day mostly). For 6 people this will work out cheap.

  54. gaurav ameta says:

    Hello mr. Roy i will b on 21st dec. 2014 @cochin int. Airport in morning and i want to go munnar so pls let me know chepest way and cost or any sharing taxi available at airport or how to go KSRTC bus stand from airport.

  55. harish says:

    I will be reaching cochin airport at 2.30 pm on 4-12 want to go to munnar
    want sight seeing in munnar
    want to come back to cochin 5-12 night
    pl suggest plans of low budght

  56. HUTENDRA says:

    Hi Roy
    Thanks for your valuable information. I am planning to kerala trip from 23 Dec to 31st Dec. I am reaching to Aluva at approx 21:00 Hrs. Could you tell me, it is possible to get any means of convenience to munnar at night and it is safe to travel at night . Also tell me the option of staying at Aluva as we have total 8 people including 4 children.

    • Roy says:

      From Aluva there is no bus service in the night to Munnar. There are no good hotels in Aluva. If you want to stay at night and go to Munnar next day morning, then I would suggest you get down at Ernakulam Junction (ERS) or Ernakulam Town (ERN). Ernakulam/Kochi is just 30 minutes from Aluva. If you want to get down at Aluva at night, I suggest you book a Innova to Munnar. Mostly they will drop you at Munnar in 3 hours. There is no problem travelling to Munnar at night. No issues.

      If you don’t want to travel immediately after getting down from train, then better get down at Ernakulam. You can get decent hotels there.

  57. sathar sharieff says:

    Thank U very much Boss.

  58. binsha says:

    Hello Mr. Roy
    Thank you for all the information. I just wanted to know whether is it safe to go for bike riding rather than hiring the cabs or autos for spot seeing.

  59. Tapan says:

    Hi Roy,
    We have reserved Green Valley Vista.. We shall be in Fort Kochi for two nights( starting Friday) and intend to reach Munnar around 3.00 PM (on Sunday) by Bus . On Tuesday we have reporting time at airport at 6.00 PM. Please suggest the visit itinerary for Kochi, Munnar and return (by bus) to airport . Whether Aluva will be better or should we come to Cochin/Ernakulam and go to airport !
    Best regards,

  60. Rawwi says:

    Thank you very much sir .. There is a lot of info about the trip .. Thank you very much. .

  61. SUJITH PHILIP says:

    hi roy
    i am travelling to munnar from aluva on a sunday will ii get private or ksrctc buses after 1 pm ..and also wanted to know abt the time taken to reach munnar

  62. ABHILASH says:


  63. Dhirendra says:

    thanx a laot for such information.

  64. Hi,

    I appreciate your information on this forum
    I am traveling to Kerala this coming mid feb. I am really eager to see Munnar and do backwaters as I read a lot about it.
    I have put enquiry for package tours for Cochin Munnar Thekkady kumarakom n back to cochin, but the taxi fares and packages are too high even for standard accommodations by the tour agents :(
    Please help and tell me how should I go about for the above mentioned places. We are all females, hw safe is it to travel by bus/ cabs.
    From cochin airport on my day of arrival should I see cochi first and wat places are good for sight seeing and the hotels in kochi and than move to Munnar and so on, we have good 5 days in hand to see the above mentioned places, please suggest how should I go about since we are taking a flight back from kochi airport.

    I need to know the places of accommodation, Wer can we get good rates and all for The above mentioned places and about backwaters and house boats.
    Please suggest good taxi websites.


    • Sangeeta says:

      Hi Roy,
      I still see my query not answered, I would appreciate fun thus can be looked into.

      My hotel is already booked in Munnar, I want to know about the Munnar sightseeing points which can be covered in two days, 1st day is a Sunday and 2nd full day is Monday, what sites could be covered best. Please let me know distances covered for the sights from Bell mount resort Munnar.

      • Sangeeta says:

        Hi Roy,

        Any suggestions on Kumarakom Allepy day cruise for 4 ( rates and houseboat operators)

        • Roy says:

          Hi, From 10 AM to 5PM house boat day cruise will cost approximately Rs 8000. (Including welcome drink, Lunch, and evening snacks). The rate mentioned is what most of them charge for a family of 4 or 5. It may be slightly negotiable depending on the number of people and duration of the backwater trip. I would suggest you take the house boat from Kumarakom instead of Allepy. I heard that in Allepy there is some issues going on between house boat owners and the trade unions.

          I don’t know any house boat operators personally. (mostly your Munnar resort people will have contacts for House boat as well. THey can arrange for that as well). Or even you can directly go to Kumarakam without pre-booking the boat. There are too many house boats there so you can book one on the spot. If i get any contact numbers I will sent it to your mail ID.

  65. Anubhav Jain says:

    Hi Roy,

    I am arriving tomorrow to Cochin airport at 5 PM. Can I get a bus to Munnar after that? – I tried calling but unable to get any information KSRTC Ernakulam inquiry/contact numbers 0484 2372033 and 0484 2360531.

    Please help with the information, otherwise I would end up booking a taxi which is very expensive around Rs 2600/-


    • Roy says:

      Hi Anubhav, From Ernakulam KSRTC the last Munnar bus leaves by 5:45PM. So I don’t think you will be able to catch that bus.

      You could try Aluva KSRTC station. The last Munnar bus from Aluva KSRTC is at 6:45.

      Also keep in mind that evening time the buses will be crowded. So if you are travelling with family, its not very comfortable if you don’t get a seat.

      You could also try Aluva private bus station. Even if you don’t get direct bus to Munnar, you can try for Buses to Adimali. From Adimali you will get bus to Munnar. (Adimali is on the way to Munnar)

  66. Mk singh says:

    HI Mr roy i m planning to go munnar on 30-01-15 to 01 APR 15.I just want to know weather any GOVT or state bus facility is available for site seeing at munnar.from ur post i gathered a lot of information about munnar .thanks for that.i just want to know weather bus is comfortable for site seeing or to hire a taxi.we are spending 02 night at munnar.

  67. Dinesh Dhumal says:

    hello sir

    This is Dinesh from Mumbai I am coming to Ernakulum on 18 of February 6 Pm in the evening, from there immediately I want to go Munnar, we are four peoples.Can you please suggest us how we have to move to munnar, weather by bus or by local vehicles(Taxi/cabs).
    Thank you

    • Roy says:

      Hi Dinesh, From Ernakulam the last bus to Munnar is at 5:45PM.
      I would suggest you book a taxi from Ernakulam to Munnar. For a group of 4 people it would be cost effective.

  68. maria says:

    What is the most convenient and cheapest way to reach munnar from kochi,can you advise about some private bus service or sharing cab.

    • Roy says:

      Hi, The cheapest way would be to catch a bus from Kochi to Munnar. The ticket will cost about INR 150 max. You can get bus from Ernakulam KSRTC bus station(govt buses) or the “Vyttila Bus Terminal” (private buses).

      Bus journey may not be very convenient. You cant pre-book seats. It takes about 5 hours to reach Munnar. Buses are not spacious, mostly crowded as well.

      The alternative is to hire a Indica taxi. It will cost you around INR 3000. If you are a group of 4 people, taxi would be convenient and cost effective as well.

  69. keku dhull says:

    Very nice and informative details, thanks mr roy


    Hello Mr. Roy,
    I found your article very informative. We, wife and husband, aged 60 & 55 respectively, are planning to visit Munnar in October this year via Kanyakumari. We will reach Ernakulam at 3.30 morning. Is there any hotel or lodge near Rly. Stn. which can provide us a room for an hour so that we could fresh ourselves before we start for Munnar?

    • Roy says:

      Hello Sir,
      Yes, there are lodges/hotels near by Ernakulam South and North railway stations. I don’t have any direct knowledge about those hotels. But I have heard that they provide rooms for 1 hour or so for people to just fresh up. (There are more hotels near south railway station compared to the north railway station)

  71. abi says:

    hi, information presented in artical is much to understand exactly any traveler want. by the artical i am feeling much familiar with this place, thanks for such a great information

  72. S Prasad says:

    Well written and very useful. THANKS..

  73. Neha says:

    Hi, Thanks for very useful information. I’m travelling with my parents to Munnar on May end/ June first week. We’ll be reaching Aluva at 5 pm around. Will there buses (pvt will do as well) available to go to Munnar till 7 pm.
    Also can you recommend places to visit in two days at Munnar. Also your recommendations towards taxi/hotel will be of great help.

    • Neha says:

      hi Roy, will you be able to suggest what is good area of hotels from connectitvity and stay- food perspective in Munnar and Periyar. Can we hire cab after reaching or better to book it in advance? thanks for your help.

      • Roy says:

        Hi Neha, It will be better to book hotels in and around Munnar town. For site seeing you can book the cab after reaching Munnar. The hotel people will be able to arrange cab for you. Or you can just directly get cabs from the Munnar town itself.

        If you are reaching Aluva after 5PM, it is better to book a cab. There are no direct Munnar buses from Aluva after 5PM. Also if you are traveling with parents it will not be a good idea to travel in the local buses. The buses are crowded and very little leg space for the seats.

        2 days is enough to cover Munnar. You could see Mattupetty and boat ride, National Park, Gap road, Chinnakkanal and spend few hours for tea museum and shopping etc..

        • Neha says:

          hi Roy, thank you for this info. I’m reading monsoon predictions in news hitting Kerala on 30th June. Is it already raining there? is it worth to spend 4/5 days in Kerala -including Munnar, periyar, allepy? or we’ll have to sit in hotel as rides etc will be closed.
          Please guide – I’m fearing I might need to cancel if its all rain over there.

          Best Regards

          • Roy says:

            Hi Neha, The Monsoon prediction for Kerala is 1st June. But its already raining here for last 2 weeks everyday in the evening. Morning till afternoon there is no rain. When it rains, site seeing etc will be difficult because visibility will be very less due to fog. You will not be able to see anything beyond few meters. So better start site seeing bit early and plan to return by 2PM.

            However Alleppy house boat etc will not have any issue due to rain. You can still enjoy the backwater even if its raining.

  74. Shama says:

    Can u tell how much it takes from aluva to munnar by bus. And how safe it is


  75. Madhan says:

    Hello Roy, your site was very useful and has many useful directions. I am coming from Chennai to Munnaar. I would like to know whether to take Madurai route or Ernakulam Route to reach Munnnar. Please let me know the bus routes from Madurai and the frequency.Is it advisable to come from Madurai?

    What will be the cost of Hotel for a family of 4(preferably budget hotels)..Please name few hotels

    Is it a good decision to take KPN or some other luxury buses from Chennai to Munnaar?


    • Roy says:

      If you r coming by train Ernakulam will be better. Madurai to Munnar I don’t know if there are direct buses. But there are direct buses from Theni. However the frequency is less.
      Since it is school vacation time most of the hotels are booked already and the rate’s are sky high. An average double bed room is going for 3 to 4k per night on weekdays. Weekends rate will be higher than this.

  76. mourish says:

    SIR, i am planning munnar on 6,7,and 8 of may, i am coming by Alleppy express, till Ernakulam junction, i may reach Ernakulam at about 9 am on 6th of may (i guess), my budget is constrained (two adults one 6 yr child). i have planned after seeing your blog that first choice is KSRTC near rly junction, if not 2nd choice Vytilla terminus. i have seen bus to kanthaloor via munnar at about 11.30 Am. or otherwise bus to Adimaly, or from Kothamnagalam…. am i planned correctly, or any flaw ? pls inform i have already got train tickets confirmed. or i am ready for share taxi maximum Rs.1200 (two adults +1 child on lap) any idea about this…pls

    • Roy says:

      Hi Mourish,
      Yes, your plan is correct. Ernakulam KSRTC station is near to the railway station. There is a inquiry counter in the bus station. Ask them for next Munnar bus. Also ask them if you can book seats. Earlier there was an option to reserve seats. You just need to pay 5 rupees for booking a seat. I don’t know if this option is still there.

      If Munnar bus is not available, you can check if Adimali bus is available.

      If that is also not available you see if there is a Kothamangalam bus. From kothamangal there are buses to Adimali every 20 minutes. Sometimes you can get direct bus to Munnar from Kothamangalam.

      If none of the above work, you can go to “Vyttila Mobility Hub”. From there you will get direct Munnar or Adimali bus.

      • Arun-chennai says:

        thanks ji, can i a have option of alighting at “Aluwa” instead of Ernakulam.. is it advisable in any case. about taxi…pls

        • Roy says:

          Yes, you can alight at Aluva. KSRTC bus station is very near to Aluva Railway station. But after 5PM there is no direct bus to munnar. Taxi you can get from railway station itself

  77. Arun-chennai says:

    thanks ji…

  78. Sameer Ahmed says:

    Hi Mr. Roy,

    I have been following your blog for the past 2 months and must say that it has been very helpful. I just need clarity on below points:

    1. I have decided to take a cab from Aluva/Ernakulam, Please suggestfrom where should i take the cab. Also do I need to book it earlier or I will get it near the station?

    2. I am travelling with my wife in mid-May. What kind of weather can we expect and what clothes needs to be taken?


  79. Manmert Kaur says:

    Good Afternoon Mr.Roy
    I have read your column on munnar and I have few queries .please help me with my queries:

    I am from Delhi and will be travelling with my family and parents in mid of June .I shall be travelling from Trivandrum to Ernakulam by train that wil reach Ernakulam by 9:30 am .I am planning to hire a cab to proceed to Munnar Club Mahindra.
    What will be the cab charges as we are 5 people
    What kind of weather we can expect n guide us about local sightseeing


    • Roy says:

      June – August is the monsoon season in kerala. However this year the even in April and May also most of the days it was raining in Munnar. Yesterday and today also it was heavily raining in the evening.

      For taxi, the rate varies depending on which type of vehicle you want. Usually for Indica the rate from Kochi to Munnar is approximately Rs 3000. (It varies from 2500 to 3200)

  80. Shail says:

    Hi Mr. Roy
    Am planning to visit Munnar on 4th June (in total 5members). Please suggest where we will get the taxi & how much would be the cost for Indica as well as for Innova.
    Also, i am suspecting it would rain there considering the monsoon arrival. Please suggest approx. temp as I have a kid as well.

    • Roy says:

      Hi Shail,

      Have you booked your hotel? For taxi you can check with the hotel. They will arrange it for you. Airport and Railway station has taxis, but you have to negotiate on the rates. Usually for a indica from Kochi to Munnar the rate is approximately Rs/- 3000. (It varies between Rs 2600 to Rs3200)

      Yes, even now also it is raining everyday. But temperature is ok. Not very cold in the daytime. But night is cold, and early morning also is cold. Make sure you carry sweaters for the kid. (A rain jacket and cap also if possible)

  81. mainak chakraborty says:

    hello roy,
    thanx for helping with so much info. i wish to visit munnar from kochi at end of july with my wife from kolkata. travelling by flight my budget gets tight.wish to take up bus in the morning. after reaching munnar will i get local cab to take me to any hotel outside city? after 2 day stay i want to reach alleppy. is there any govt run bus from munnar to alleppy? after reaching alleppy and 1 day sight seeing i also wish to take ferry to kottayam for a train to kanyakumari. can i go for it? i dont wish to spend a lot on transport. kindly help. also since it is off season do i need to book hotel previously or spot booking can be done? thanx again. waiting for ur reply.

    • Roy says:

      Hi Mainak,
      After landing at Kochi Airport you have to go to Ernakulam or Aluva for catching a bus to Munnar. From Kochi airport there are KSRTC (Govt) buses to Ernakulam and Aluva. (Kochi airport website has the timing of buses to Ernakulam and Aluva)

      After reaching Munnar town you can catch a auto or taxi to reach your hotel.

      Munnar to Allepy direct buses are very very less. As far as I know there was one KSRTC bus from Munnar to Alleppy at 11AM which reaches Allepy around 6PM.
      The other option is to go to Aluva from Munnar and catch a train from Aluva(AWY) to Allepy.
      Or you have to take a indica taxi From Munnar to Allepy.

      Yes, from Alleppy you can take a ferry to Kottayam.

      July is offseason. You can reach Munnar and book a hotel. (You will have to walk here and there if you want to negotiate with multiple hotels.) Or you can call some hotels just one week before your trip and do some negotiations. Since you are planning to travel by bus, it will be better you book hotel near to the munnar town.

      Also remember that bus journey is not very comfortable. Buses are mostly crowded, takes more time, seats are not spacious.

      (recently KSRTC started an AC volvo bus between Ernakulam to Munnar. I guess it starts by 9AM from Ernakulam KSRTC station and reaches Munnar at 1PM. I will check it and confirm the timing.)

  82. Ramiz Momin says:


    I am planning Kerala tour between 13 Aug to 19 Aug. I will be travelling with my wife and son. My wife has motion sickness. Would you please suggest what would be better option, Private cab or Bus? What might be the rate of cab from Kochi to Munnar?

    One more thing I would like to ask, how much time it will take from Kochi to Munnar? I am landing to Kochi at arounf 2 PM, would it be a good idea to directly move to Munnar or should I have one night halt at Kochi.

    Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated as I have already booked a ticket from Bharuch(Gujarat) to Mumbai and then I will take flight from Mumbai to Kochi at around 11:20 AM.

    Thanks and Regards

    • Roy says:

      With motion sickness Bus journey may not be a good idea. It would be better to hire a cab so that you can stop in between for rest if required. You can stop for site seeing as well. From Kochi airport to Munnar usually the rates starts from Rs 2800 for Non-AC Indica. (prepaid Taxi)

      Kochi to Munnar on a taxi will take 3 hours. Bus will take 5 hours approximately. If you are landing at 2PM you can go to Munnar directly.

  83. Surya says:

    Hello Mr. Roy,
    Thanks for helping all.

    We will reach to Kochi on 2nd Sept. at 13:30pm
    And we have train from Cochin to Kanyakumari on 3rd 21pm .

    So my first question is which is the good place to stay on 2nd night Houseboat or Munnar? I mean what is more beautiful to see.

    If suppose we stay at munnar then which are the places in munnar which we have to see in one day?

    Please help out for Food :
    1. Where we can get cheaper and delicious sea food & local food in Kochi , Ernakulam & munnar?

    Please help me.

    • Roy says:

      I would suggest you stay at Kumarakom/Alleppy Houseboat. After reaching at kochi by 1:30PM, you will reach Munnar by evening only and you will not have time for siteseeing.

      Better you go to Alleppy/Kumarakom directly. Staying in Houseboat you can enjoy the evening view of the backwaters. Also, you can catch the Kanyakumary train from Alleppy.

      In the houseboat you will get nice local fish (Its called Karimeen). Its a fresh water fish and tastes good.

  84. mainak chakraborty says:

    hello mr roy..
    waiting for a while for your reply. plz help me out. thank you

  85. mainak chakraborty says:

    hello mr roy
    i heard athirapally waterfall will be at its best in july and should not be missed. what if i start early from munnar and reach athirapally around 9 am. from there will i get any bus service for munnar?

    • Roy says:

      Athirappally will be very good in the monsoon season (Julne-July-August). However, you dont get direct bus from Munnar to Athirappally. You can catch a bus from Munnar to Perumbavoor and from there better take a taxi to Athirappally. Otherwise you will have to change many buses.
      From Athirappally if you want to go to Alleppy, you have to come to Ernakulam and from there you can get bus to Alleppy.

  86. Sanjay says:

    Hi Mr. Roy,
    Pls. let me know about AC volvo between Ernakumam and Munnar.


  87. Satya Prakash says:

    Hello Mr. Roy,

    First of all, I heartily thank you for your patience and prompt replies to all the queries you are getting.

    I am planning to visit Munnar on July 2nd and 3rd along with my wife on a honey moon trip. Would be getting down at Aluva in the morning at around 7AM (arriving by KANYAKUMARI EXP from Bangalore). If I need to hire a taxi, would I be getting it at Aluva Stn or do I need to pre-book it with the resort guys.

    For Accommodation, I’ve booked a valley view room with Deshadan resort (claims to be the highest place in Munnar). They are charging 2600 just to pick us at Aluva and drop at the resort. Is the rate too much or do you think we can hire for a lower price?

    I’ve places mentioned by you earlier into account and would like to see the same (2 days is enough to cover Munnar. You could see Mattupetty and boat ride, National Park, Gap road, Chinnakkanal and spend few hours for tea museum and shopping etc..) Please let me know if I can include any more important not to be missed places in the list.

    Your reply is much awaited and highly appreciated.

    Satya Prakash

    • Roy says:

      Hi Satya,

      Rs 2600 is the standard rate for a nonAC indica from Aluva to Munnar. (usually it varies between 2400 to 3200 depending on the rush)

      Taxi is available at Aluva Railway station. The rates may come down little bit if you bargain with them. (Mostly they will not come for a fixed rate. They will insist on a per kilometer rate).

      With the taxi provided by the hotel, you will be paying more but you will get a driver who will be bit more mannered, and knows the hotel location as well.

      Also don’t forget to ask the hotel if the rate 2600 is all inclusive. Some will charge Rs 250 extra as driver bata. If they say you have to pay 250 extra to the driver then better take a taxi from Aluva station itself)

      Deshadan resort is situated in Pothamedu (its before Munnar when you come from Aluva). All hotels/resorts in Munnar will claim that they at the highest peak or they at the most beautiful location :-) Anyways, Pothamedu is a beautiful location with very good view of the valley.

      For sight seeing there are 4 directions/routes from Munnar town. In that the most beautiful are the first two routes in the below list.

      Route-1 From Munnar to Mattupetty. Good scenery on the way. Boating in Mattupetty Dam. If time permits, you can go little further from Mattupetty dam towards Kundala dam.

      Route-2. Munnar to Chinnakkanal. Good scenery on the way. GapRoad area has good view of the valley. Chinnakkanal waterfall.

      Route-3 Munnar-National Park. (Better go in the morning itself as you have to stand in queue for ticket and entry to the park)

      Route-4 is Pothamedu area (Your hotel is located here)

      (Don’t go in the route 2 after 3PM. There will be thick fog/mist and you will not be able to see anything beyond few meters.)

      Tea Museum is on the way from your resort to Munnar, just before Munnar town.


  88. chandra says:

    Hi, i would like to know if any Buses from Kattapana to Eranakulam and what is the travel time. My tain is at 5.00Pm from Eranakulam Junction railway station. So let me know the fastest route to reach Eranakulam Junction railway station

  89. sekhar says:

    Kindly let me know the approximate cost by taxi. Is it via Munnar or different route

    • Roy says:

      Kattappana to Ernakulam is not via Munnar. Taxi charge to Ernakulam will be approximately Rs 3000/- for small cars (indica)

      If you want to go to Munnar from Kattappana, the route is different. Direct buses to Munnar is very rare. You have to catch a bus to Nedumkandam, from there to Pooppara, from there to Munnar.

  90. sekhar says:

    Mr. Roy,
    From Kattapana to Munnar, how to go? Do we have regular buses. How long it will take to reach Munnar. During Afternoon 2.00 PM do we have buses.

  91. Sandhya Reddy says:

    Hello Roy we are coming to MUNNAR on 9th july, do we have Ac bus from Ernakulam to Munnar? and what about normal buses timings?

    we have low budget , so we are planning to stay in low budget hotels or lodge around 500/- day. do we have any cheap lodges in Munnar ?

    and how about returning to Ernakulam fro Munnar ? same buses and timings?

    And wanted to stay in Kochi for beach . how to reach there?

    Please do clarify all these, We have already booked tickets. Will be waiting for your Replay

    • Roy says:

      A/C volvo From Ernakulam KSRTC Bus Station starts at 8:30AM and Reached Munnar by 1:30PM.

      From Munnar it start at 3PM and reaches Ernakulam by 7:30PM

      Low budget lodges in Munnar you can try Krishna Lodge next to Indian Oil Petrol bunk and Krishna Lodge Near Market. Due to off-season the rates will be less. It may not be Rs 500 bu somewhere around 1000 for a double bed room I think. Or you can try SN Lodge.

      From Munnar to Ernakulam there are buses from early morning till evening. (private buses as well as KSRTC)

  92. Manas mandal says:

    Very informative and helpful.

  93. muralikrishna says:

    sir,we r coming munnar from madurai. what r the bus timming and they start from where.second one from munnar we want to go varkala are there any dirct bus? .from munnar to allwya rlystation are there buses,at what time they start from munnar. thank you sir

    • Roy says:

      You will have to come to Theni or Bodi. I dont know the exact timings. But buses are very less.

      Another options is that, if you can come to Bodi, there are lots of local jeeps and vans doing trips to Pooppara. From Pooppara you can get another trip jeep or Bus to Munnar.

  94. satish says:

    Please let me know the travel time from Munnar to Kattapana, I am going to attend marriage at KAttapana. Do have Buses VERY FREQUENTLY.

    • Roy says:

      Hi Satish,
      Munnar to Kattappana bus frequency is very very low. The travel time is usually 4 hours. If you don’t get direct bus to Kattappana, you can catch a bus to Pooppara. From Pooppara you can get bus to Katappana.

      Or another option is to catch a bus from Munnar to Adimali. From Adimali there are buses to Kattappana every 1 hour. (Munnar to adimali is 1 hour, Adimali to Kattappana is 3.5 hours)

  95. bksatapathy says:

    Hi Roy,

    I am planning to visit Munar in the middle of October in this year (2015).While browsing I found Kerla RTC provide online reservation to Munnar. Can you please provide me a list of different places like Ernakulam / Aluva / alleppy / Kolllam etc; expect Thirsir( as on line is possible there) Hope you will do the needful.

    Thanks & Regards,

  96. bksatapathy says:

    Can I get a Bus seat if I get down at Aluva / Ernakulam Rly station?
    Sir,Please confirm ??

    • Roy says:

      I can say that you will definitely get seat if you go to Aluva Private bus station. If you go to KSRTC station chances of geting seat is very less.

      If you get down at Ernakulam, you can go to KSRTC station or “Vyttila Bus Terminal” You will get seats.

      For KSRTC bus timing you can check in the below website.

      For online ticket booking you can try the below website..
      (it doesn’t work sometimes.. I dont know why)

  97. Usha says:

    I am planning to reach munnar from ernakulam. What’s the route? From which place the ghat section starts and how many hours of ghat section travel is there to reach munnar?

    • Roy says:

      From Ernakulam there are different routes-



      From Neriamangalam forest road stars. However the real ghat road starts after Adimali. (The last 30 km)

  98. faraaz says:

    How I reach Munnar from Aluva early in the morning near about 4:30 am

    • Roy says:

      There are Munnar buses from 4:45AM from Aluva. You can wait in front of the railway station. If no direct bus to Munnar, try for Adimali bus. If that is also not there, try Kothamangalam Bus. The route is Kothamangalam-Adimali-Munnar

  99. Raj says:

    Im planning to visit Munnar from chennai through train.
    kindly suggest where should we get down to catch bus either from Aluva or Ernakulam. which will be best opt?

  100. Nishant says:

    I have been through so many sites, blogs and online articles to gather information related to a bus journey from Ernakulam to Munnar; however, must say, this has been the most detailed and the best piece of information for me so far. Kudos to the writer. Way to go, buddy, and thanks a ton. It was very helpful

  101. subhajit says:

    Can u tell me which are the hotels near the ksrtc bus stand munnar ? And also how much they generally charge for each day stay during 18 th of january ? I am planning to go this time. Is it good to stay in a hotel near ksrtc bus stand in munnar?

    • Roy says:

      Hi Subhajit, any specific reason for staying near KSRTC? THere are many hotels near KSRTC station. The rates varies from 1500 to 400 per night. January is tourist season and most of the hotels will be charging high rates per night.

  102. Nishant says:

    Hey Roy, after checking the aanavandi website, I realized that the last bus going from Munnar to Chalakudi leaves at 3.30pm. However, I am looking for a bus that leaves at 6.30-7pm. Is there any other option?

  103. Sudhir says:


    i am planing to munnar from ernakulam south in oct 15…I have been through so many sites, blogs and online articles to gather information related to a bus journey from Ernakulam to Munnar…but no information i got….then i read the your detail in this site..thank you very much for writing such a nice article.

    It was very helpful for me

    and my train reached at early morning at 4 how long the KSRTC Bus station from Ernakulam South railway station any auto ricksha available in the morning.

    Thanks once again……

  104. PRAVEEN DATHU says:


  105. MANOJ KUMAR MISRA says:

    Hello Mr. Roy,

    First of all, I heartily thank you for your patience and prompt replies to all the queries you are getting.I am planning to reach Ernakulam at 5 pm/ Aluva at 4 pm from Bhubaneswar on 24.11.15 and want to visit Munnar, Thekkady and Alleppy in 6 or 7 days along with my wife. Kindly suggest my programe. Thanking you.

    • Roy says:

      From Aluva at 4PM you can get bus. If there is no direct Munnar bus, check if bus is there to Adimai. From Adimali, Munnar is 30km.

      From Ernakulam at 5PM buses to Munnar may be difficult.

      I would suggext you go to Munnar first. From there you can go to Thekkadi. (Thekkadi you can spend 1 full day.) Next day you can go to Alleppy.

      Or you can stay in Ernakulam for one night and next day morning you can catch a bus to Munnar.

  106. Kamalakar Dev, Hyderabad says:

    very good information and more over it is like, you are speaking to us….

  107. sandip says:

    Mr.Roy thanx for your prompt reply..I am reaching on 11 am @ ernakulam …and I have total 3 days..can you guide how I plan my trip in Kerala?

  108. Vjndra says:

    Hello Mr. Roy,

    I would be using public transport during my kerala trip. Could you please suggest if there would be buses or any other public transport available on below routes:

    1. Cochin to Munnar (I am aware of AC Volvo bus that starts at 9 AM. Are there other good options if we will miss the bus at 9 AM?)

    2. Munnar to Thekkedy

    3. Thekkedy to Alleppy.

    Thanks in advance!!

  109. Jabeen says:

    This is soo Helpful! am soo Happy! Thanks alot! :)

  110. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Hey Roy ,thanks for your highly valuable information, it has really helped me to make a decision to travel by Bus rather to hire an expensive cab
    If you could further help me please, i am traveling with my wife and two kids( 5 and 9) from Allepey to Munnar on 26th Jan .
    Is it advisable to board a Volvo from Allepey itself (the one i could spot on Aanavandi website starts at 9 Am ) or would it be better to come to Kochi by morning train and get a bus from Ernakulam KSRTC. Please advice.

    Thanks and regards,

  111. Chinmay says:

    Hi Roy,

    I saw your information which is very helpful. I wanted a help from you. I will be reaching Aluva by 3pm. I wanted to know if I will be able to get a bus to Munnar at that time. At what time is the last bus available from Aluva?

  112. Praveen dathu says:

    Sir ,iam planning to visit kerala. from 10th Jan. Reach munnar by 10 th afternoon. Spends 11th 12th in munnar. Tekkady 13th alleppy 14th 15th kochi n ernakulam-.. This is was my plan. Is my plan correct or u can suggest some changes.
    1. Kindly tell me about hotels in munnar-. @1000/. Suggest some names of nice lodges with economy prices.
    2. Stay at thekkady

  113. Praveen dathu says:

    3 tell me about. Journey from thekkady to alleppy? I heard there are some boats from tekkady to alleppy. Is it true ? If so kindly tell me the costs per head and also location of boat ride

  114. PRAVEEN DATHU says:


    • Roy says:

      I dont have any direct contact with the House Boat operators. Since this is the season time, the house boats will be charging very high rates. I would suggest you call some of them and check/negotiate.

  115. MANOJ KUMAR MISRA says:

    Mr Roy, Please comment on asked by “Vjndra November 22, 2015 at 10:00 pm”. Thanks.

    • Roy says:

      Hi Manoj,

      Kochi to Munnar there is a KSRTC volvo low floor city bus @ 9AM from Ernakulam KSRTC bustation.

      If you miss that bus there are other buses from KSRTC station itself.

      Or you can catch a auto and go to “Vyttila bus terminal”. From there you can get private buses to Munnar. (Bus fare is same for KSRTC and private)

      Munnar to Thekady direct bus is very less frequent. You may have to catch a bus to nedumkandam/Katappana and from there catch another bus to Kumily/Thekkadi.

      Thekkadi/Kumily to Alleppy you can get buses easily. Again, direct buses are less frequent.

  116. MANOJ KUMAR MISRA says:

    Thanks Mr Roy. Again kindly inform us: 1.From where and how we will visit back water cruise/boat in day time, 2.Are KSRTC bus running from Alleppey to Varkala or tell us to reach Varkala beach from Alleppey easily. We will stay near Alleppey rly station.

  117. Sudeep says:


    I will reach Ernakulam around 4.00 pm..Will i get Direct BUS to Munnar??

    And how far is the bus Stand from Railway Station?

    If you have KSRTC Contact Number?

  118. Manish pal says:

    Nice Article Mr Roy. After my visit to munnar, I wish to reach Alleppey.
    1. Are there any direct buses to alleppey ? If yes any idea about timings.
    2. If there are no direct buses, how frequent are buses from munnar to ernakulam & ernakulam to allepey ?

    • Roy says:

      Munnar to Allepy one direct KSRTC bus was there. Not sure if that service is still available. Munnar to Ernakulam buses are there every 1 hour or so. Ernakulam to alleppy also frequent buses are there.

  119. Daniella says:

    Hello, this post is so helpful.

    I am arriving to Munnar on feb 1 (proabably in the evening since my train gets to ernakulam at 10:55 am) and wondering cost of cabs to sightseeing from accommodations?

    I’m trying to decide where to stay as I am taking a cooking class near the dtpc and that is the only thing I have reserved but I would like to take in some nature as well. I am traveling on a tight budget so want to stay somewhere as safe and convenient as possible.

    Also my train leaving ernakulam is 11.55pm on feb 4. What time should I depart munnar and will it be safe to take a rickshaw from the bus to the train station when I arrive?

    Thank you!

    • Roy says:

      The hotel or homestay can arrange a taxi or a autorikshaw for site seeing. Taxi cars may charge Rs 1800 or more depending on the rush. Rikshaws usually charge 700 or more per day.

      there are lots of hotels near the dtpc. (old Munnar).

      Munnar to Ernakulam bus travel time is 5 hours. But it may be better to depart Munnar by 5PM itself. In the evening the frequency of buses are very low.

      From Munnar if you are coming by a KSRTC bus you can come to ernakulam KSRTC station. From there you can book prepaid autorikshaw to go to railway station. South railway station is very near to KSRTC station.

  120. Arun says:

    Hi Roy
    I want to know is there any fast buses which reaches Munnar from aluva as my flight lands at 9:45 in kochi airport….As per ur article I got catch a volvo bus from airport to aluva bus stand and from there to munnar….I want to know the timings of the buses after 10:30 and any super fast buses like non stop buses which reaches to munnar.

  121. vamsee says:

    thank you it really helps me a lot thanks a lot..

  122. Sharan says:

    I just want to know will tripigator which is an travel agency an trusted agency

  123. usman inuwa says:

    Actually I was vry impress by the article. Because it guide me vry well and help me to reduce cost during by tourist vist to kerala

  124. Kaushik says:

    I am looking for a one day return trip to munnar from ernakulam. Can you suggest any agency from where I can get a non ac car at a reasonable rate? Please also inform me at what time should I start in the morning to cover the important tourist spots and return to ernakulam by night.

  125. Umesh says:

    Hi Roy
    It’s my LTC tour
    I will be reach ernakulam on 25 th MAY 2016, plz suggest places and trasportation for 8 days in kerala with my wife , 2 & 4 years kids.

  126. D Karthigeyan says:

    how do i travel from kochi airport to munnar in the night

  127. Bipin says:

    Thanks for this article. Very informative and helpful.

  128. Alpesh Shah says:

    around 15 august 2016 is right time for munnar and kerela ? does mid august is heavy rain in there ?? it is advise to travel at that time ?

    • Roy says:

      weather is completely unpredictable nowadays. Last year it was heavily raining in August. Check back couple of weeks before the planned travel date.

  129. Santhosh N Kamath says:

    Hello ;

    Very nice blog and very informative.

    Just wanted to confirm the travel time it takes from Alua buststop to Munnar .

    I saw it as 3 hours and in some blogs it is mentioned as 5 .

    If it is 5 hours from Alua to Munnar ; Is its same as from Ernakulam to Munnar ?

    All my travel mods is bus.

    Thank you

    • Roy says:

      Hi Santhosh,
      Travel time for buses will vary depending on traffic and waiting time in bustations on the route. From Aluva to Munnar, the travel time will be 3 to 4 hours. From Ernakulam it will be from 4 hours to 5 hours.

  130. Santhosh N Kamath says:

    Hi Roy;

    Thanks for the quick response .I really appreciate the help you are doing to tourists like us .

    Me and my wife will be travelling from Bangalore and will be staying in Guruvayur on Saturday . My plan is to leave guruvayur early morning on Sunday . I have two plans :

    1.Guruvayoor to Ernakulam ;then Catch the Low floor Volvo bus at 9 AM at Vythila which reaches Munnar around 2 PM

    2. Guruvayur to Thrissur by bus ; Then Thrissur to Alua by train ; then Alua to Munnar by private bus.

    I feel plan 1 and plan 2 are almost same if I consider time factor. I will need around 6 to 7 hours to reach Munnar and I might reach by 2 PM or 3PM. In the first plan I will have a confirmed seat in Volvo bus.

    Can you please tell me which plan is best? .Also what time will the bus start from Guruvayur to Ernakulam ? Will I be able catch the 9 AM bus by travelling from Guruvayur to Ernakulam ?

    Thanks again for all the help . May God shower happiness for all the good work you are doing .

    Thank you;

  131. Harish Jagannath says:

    Thank you for very very useful information. I have one doubt, plz suggest me the best economical way to get to Cochin airport from munnar. I have booked a return flight to Bangalore on May 18 at 20:45. I have to checkout hotel at 12 PM. And is there any other

    • Roy says:

      Board a local Bus from Munnar to Aluva. Get down at a place by name “Perumbavoor”. Munnar to Perumbavur is about 3 to 4 hours. From Perumbavoor, board another bus which goes to “Angamaly”. This will take about 30 to 45 minutes. From Angamaly, you could hire an autorikshaw to go to Airport. Total cost of this would be maximum 250 rupees per person.

  132. Sameer Soni says:

    Thanks buddy good job.

  133. Satyajit Bhattacharjee says:

    Hi Roy,
    I am planning to visit Munnar in the first week of June. My first stop will be at Trivandrum and from there I plan to visit Munnar. From whatever I could gather from the internet, it appears that there aren’t any AC luxury bus service from Trivandrum to Munnar. Could you suggest the best way to travel to Munnar. Also it would be very helpful if you can let me know the standard check-in time of hotels in Munnar.

    Thanks in advance

    • Roy says:

      From Trivandrum there are no AC buses to Munnar.The only buses available are state transport buses running services in the night. Starts by about 10PM from Trivandrum and reaches Munnar in the early morning. The standard check-in times are mostly 12noon and some hotels may be 11AM.

  134. PD says:

    Hi Roy,
    Thank you for the informative article. I will take the buses from Ernakulam to Munnar. However I need info on travel from Munnar to Thekkady and then from Thekkady to Ernakulam. Can you help me out please.
    Thank you,

    • Roy says:

      From Munnar to Thekkady direct bus is not available. You have to go to kattappana/Kumily and from there take another bus to Thekkadi. Bus frequency in the Munnar-Kattappana route is very less.

  135. Ramesh Kumar says:

    Mr. Roy

    Very useful article and thanks for your patience in replying to all our questions. Four of us in our family are coming to Munnar from Bangalore on Aug 2 and plan to be there for two nights and 3 days. There are some Volvo buses from Bangalore to Munnar, reaching there by 10 AM. Is that a safe journey considering the monsoon time in August? Is that better than coming to Ernakulam by train and then taking a taxi to Munnar? We will be staying in Club Mahindra. Any must see places around Munnar as we have limited time in Munnar? Your advice is appreciated.

    • roy says:

      If you are not travelling with senior citizens, you can think of boarding a bus from Bangalore to Munnar. The only problem with bus travel is that you will be tired by the time you reach Munnar because of the Ghat roads.

      If any of the family members are not very comfortable with long bus journey, I would suggest you board a train to Aluva and from there hire a taxi to Munnar. Taxi will cost above 2500. But since 4 people are travelling, it would be cost effective. (If you want you can book a taxi for the whole 3 days so that you can use the cab for site seeing as well. Anyway you will need one cab for site seeing in Munnar)

      Club Mahindra is about 17km from Munnar town.

      Must visit places in Munnar are Mattupetty Dam, TopStation (Both are in same route)

      GapRoad, Chinnakkanal waterfall (These are near to Club Mahindra.)

      Since you are going to stay in Club Mahindra, you can visit kolukkumalai. It is one of the highest peaks in Munnar and a nice place to see. You have to reach there before 3PM because after that the area will be filled with mist/fog and you cannot sea anything. Also, cars cannot go there. You will have to hire a 4×4 jeep available in the area. Again, if you have senior citizens with you, avoid this trip.

  136. Tasneem B says:


    Are there any shared cabs from Kochi airport to Munnar? I wish to take transport from Kochi airport to Munnar and back. But I am getting car packages for the entire 4 days.

    I only require the pick and up service because I wish to use the local transportation within the Munnar city and experience Munnar beauty on cycle or on foot.

    Please help with your suggestions.

    • roy says:

      I haven’t heard about shared cab services from Kochi to Munnar. Probably you can book a pre-paid taxi from Kochi Airport to Munnar and on return you can board a Bus from Munnar to Kochi.

  137. Joyce says:

    Hello Roy! As everyone said, great article! But I read all the comments, (it took me a very long time) and I didn’t find any information about cab service, where do we book one? We can’t figure that out! Do we go through a website or are they available at the bus station?
    Thank you for your time :)
    Joyce and Diane

  138. Pl give details site near by Ernakulam

  139. Ankit singh says:

    Hi Roy, your informations are really great and thanks for being helpful.
    I want to visit alleppey and munnar in budget.
    Please sugget me the better way from where should i start my trip. Munnar or Alleppey?
    I have planned for 2 nights munnar and 1 night in Elleppey coming from bangalore in december we are 2 people. Please suggest the better way.

  140. Ankit singh says:

    Hi Roy, your informations are really great and thanks for being helpful.
    I want to visit alleppey and munnar in budget.
    Please sugget me the better way from where should i start my trip. Munnar or Alleppey?
    I have planned for 2 nights munnar and 1 night in Elleppey coming from bangalore in december we are 2 people. Please suggest the better way and please tell me the best places of munnar and alleppey to visist.
    Waiting for your response.
    Thanks in advance.

  141. manoj says:

    Hi , I am arriving to kochi airport on 22nd Sept at 1:30 pm. Want to go Munnar. Can I bus from aluva to munnar around 2 pm. If yes , which bus should i take private or KSRTC. I am travelling with family. Is the rush there in the buses.

  142. Sudhir says:

    Hello Mr Roy. Thanks for sharing so much information. I am coming to ernakulam in early January. I have 5 days for Kerala and then 2 days for kanniyakumari. I want to visit munnar, alleppey and kochi. I also want back water trips. I will reach early morning 4 am. Can you please suggest how should I plan my trip. I prefer deluxe buses for long distances in place of taxis just because of FARES. KINDLY SUGGEST. waiting for your reply. Thank you.

    • Roy says:

      Hi Sudhir, are you reaching Kochi in 4AM?
      You can stay in Kochi for on day and see the places in Kochi. Next two days plan for Munnar. After Munnar plan for Allepy. Stay in House boat overnight and next day you can catch a train from Alleppy to Kanyakumari

  143. I rech ernakulam railway station on 12th nov’16 at 3.00AM and go to munnar , pl advice me mod of transportation.

    • Roy says:

      If you are alighting at ALUVA (AWY) railway station, there are Munnar buses from 4:45AM onwards.

      If you are alighting at Ernakulam South railway station, the KSRTC bus station in nearby and there are Munnar buses starting from 5AM onwards.

      If you have more members, I would suggest booking a cab from Ernakulam to Munnar.

  144. madhav says:

    Dear sir, very nice article indeed…could you please let me know –
    1. Availability and timing of bus from thrissur to Munnar
    2. Availability and timing of bus from munnar to Kochi ..
    We will be travelling to Munnar from Thrissur and return to Kochi to catch the flight…your guidance will be appreciated..

  145. Sameer Pallivalappil says:

    Thanks for your fully informative post. Can you suggest me any good hotel close to Munnar KSRTC bus stand?

  146. Sachin says:

    Thanks for great information

  147. MR kEITH HILLMAN says:

    Hi I am travelling from Aluva to Munnar on Wednesday 15th February. Is it best to try to get a bus from the KSRTC bus stand or from the Private Bus Station/Stop. Please could you tell me the frequency, are there buses in the afternoon. Thanks for your help in advance.

  148. Chandra Shekhar says:

    Sir, we are planning to visit Munnar 2nd May 2017. How will be the weather? Will it be bearable hot? or cool climate?. What is the position of bus as of today from Aluva Railway station to reach Munnar? our group will have 3 ladies. will it be safe to travel in bus from aluva?


  149. Wilfred says:

    May I about the return buses Munnar to ernakulam is there is a frequent busses

  150. Wilfred says:

    How many hours travel form ernakulam to Munnar and the fare of bus and there is a frequent bus from Munnar to ernakulam for return

  151. ganesh says:

    hi this is ganesh . Am planning To visit Munnar thekkady allepey next month. can u suggest me in low budget, how to go. am first time visiting.

  152. Sandeep says:

    I think it’s a bad idea that people wanted Roy to prepare a travel plan for them. He has put out so much of inform here. Appreciate his blog post & responses. Additionally for people who prefer Kerala state transport buses, they can check out timings on the following URL :; be it from Aluva or Ernakulam. And from ernakulam, one can get private buses from Kaloor bus station as well which is comparatively closer to Ernakulam junction rly as well as KSRTC bus station than Vytila hub.

  153. Feeroz Khan says:

    How much time is required to see Munnar. I m now staying in Kochi and can reach Munnar in morning 09.00 and thereafter my plan is from Munnar to Athirapally waterfall then return to Kochi.

  154. mehran says:

    aluva bus station we can get bus to munnar 2:00am

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